House Cleaning: Natural Cleaners

When I was young, just starting out in the kitchen I didn’t think a lot about germs and bacteria like I should have.  You always wipe down the counters and tables using soap and hot water and that’s it, RIGHT?  Well, today if you listen to or read the news it is hard to get through a day without hearing about some recall of lettuce, peanut butter, dog food or cleaning product or someone getting deathly ill from eating a hamburger at a local chain restaurant, which ultimately gets traced back to contamination of some sort.

Cutting Board Care

Recently we have become aware that there are many things we unknowingly do or don’t do during food preparation and house cleaning that can cause illness.  Just wiping down a cutting board with soap and water isn’t good enough. Some suggest converting to plastic or glass cutting boards, they all have their pros and cons. Personally I don’t like the noise they make, so I stick to my wood cutting boards, now they have bamboo which lasts longer.  What I do is keep two spray bottles in the corner of my kitchen counter – one contains Hydrogen Peroxide and the other contains White Vinegar.  When starting meal cleanup, I quickly wash off the cutting board used in the clean dishpan, rinse it, dry it a bit then spray one solution, wait a couple of minutes, towel down with a paper towel, then do the other solution.  It can all be done in the few minutes it takes to do the rest of the cleanup .  I’ve been told it works, and it makes me feel good about my food prep areas.